A Revolutionary Way to Break-In Your Dress Shoes

If you’ve just purchased a new pair of leather shoes, congratulations! You’ve picked up a quality addition to your wardrobe. Now comes the often-frustrating task of breaking them in. So many people complain of new shoe pain in their leather shoes, and it seems to take forever to get the fit just right. But with the right tips and techniques, you can break in your new shoes in no time and start wearing them out on the town! Here are our top pieces of advice for limiting discomfort from leather shoes.


Wear Thick Socks


You’re probably scratching your head at this tip, since many leather shoes are designed to be worn without socks. However, when you’re first breaking in a new pair of leather shoes, thick socks can be the key to that perfect stretch. Even just wearing them around your house for a while can help ease the pain thanks to the added cushion. Bonus: this method can help prevent blisters and hot spots.


Take Care of Your Feet


Your shoes aren’t the only thing that play a role in your comfort; you should be taking extra care of your feet as well. Don’t simply let the soap run over your feet in the shower, but instead, give them a good scrub to ensure the skin is soft and supple. Drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer can help your feet stay soft as well, allowing for the ultimate shoe-wearing experience.


Wear Them for Short Bursts


Often, we buy a new pair of leather shoes and immediately wear them to a big event, then we’re left perplexed as to why we’re in pain. To combat this initial discomfort, wear your shoes around the house for an hour or two at a time. Whether you’re standing or sitting, this method will help your shoes gradually stretch out, and you can take them off whenever you need to. This is a key method for avoiding blisters from shoes, and the patience is well worth the payoff.


Avoid Water and Heat


Many break-in tips recommend heating your shoes or getting them wet to stretch the material. Particularly with fine leather shoes, this is a big mistake and you risk ruining your new purchase. Heat may cause the leather to dry out and crack, while water could actually shrink your shoes over time.


Use a Revolutionary Tool


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