How Can You Protect Your Feet When Breaking in Shoes?

When you get a new pair of shoes, you’re probably dreading that new shoe pain that comes during the break-in period. Everyone has their preferred method for breaking in new shoes, and with each method comes a different way to protect your feet. But what’s the best way to go about avoiding blisters from shoes? Let’s discuss a few of the common products you might use when breaking in your new shoes.




The classic Band-aid is probably the most common method to relieving heel irritation in new shoes. You know the drill: you wear your new shoes for a while until a blister develops on your heel, then you slap a Band-aid on in an attempt to stop it from getting worse. But the issue here is that the blister has to happen in the first place! Not to mention that you have to apply the Band-aid to your skin, and it might not cover the entire area that’s impacted. It can also peel off easily, leaving you irritated and still in pain.


Blister Patches


Some wearers prefer specific blister patches to the typical Band-aid, and there are some definite advantages. Blister patches tend to hold up better than a Band-aid and can often withstand water and dirt. Some blister patches go on your heel, while some attach directly inside your shoe. However, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You’re still likely to experience friction, and though they can last longer than Band-aids, you’ll still have to replace them frequently, which can really add up.


Friction Block


Another alternative is a friction block, which typically comes in a deodorant-like tube. Many people consider this one of the best products to make new shoes comfortable, as it’s easy to apply and can be used again and again. However, friction blocks tend to dry up quickly and are only effective short-term, so you have to continuously reapply throughout the day. Arguably the biggest disadvantage here is that you can’t use a friction block if you’re wearing socks. This issue can be a real deal-breaker when it comes to your dress shoes.




Each of these methods might be effective for a while, but they all definitely have disadvantages. So, what is the true best way to break in shoes? The team at break-em-in has found the solution. We’ve spent more than three years designing this product and finally found the secret to breaking in your dress shoes without pain or discomfort.


With break-em-in, you attach the product directly to your shoe, and you can trim the product to suit your needs. Extra cushioning all around provides an extra layer of support that you just can’t get from a Band-aid or blister patch. You can use break-em-in with virtually any shoe, even if you’re wearing socks. Best of all, it lasts until the shoe is broken in. You don’t need to continuously replace or reapply anything and will simply be left with a comfortable shoe. Order yours today to see for yourself!