How New Dress Shoes Can Hurt More Than Your Feet

When you’ve just purchased new dress shoes and they aren’t broken in properly, there’s a lot more at stake than hurt feet!

The discomfort of new leather dress shoes can lead to a lot of unnecessarily embarrassing or difficult circumstances.


Thankfully, there’s a new way to wear new shoes painlessly. We created break-em-in to ensure that you would never have to deal with some of these undesirable situations because it painlessly and quickly breaks in new leather shoes:


#1.) New shoe pain might affect you in a job interview

 The last thing you want to think about is new shoe pain when you’re in a job interview. There’s so much else to focus on – like what you’re saying, answering a tough question, or simply staying focused. New shoe pain can be a huge distraction at a job interview and could potentially cost you the job if you’re distracted enough!

That new pair of leather dress shoes might look great but it can also hurt your chances unless you use break-em-in to speed up the breaking in process and make it painless.


#2.) How about worrying about new shoe pain on a date?


Who wants to be in a bad mood on a date because of dress shoe discomfort? Or how about a romantic walk after dinner that you have to struggle or limp through because of the pain? Believe us that your date is going to notice when your shoes aren’t feeling right. And those foot blisters will just be a reminder of how painful your date went.

Being distracted by new shoe pain can ruin a date and it’s totally unnecessary when break-em-in exists!


#3.) Dancing is a lot harder with shoes that aren’t broken in


Maybe you make it through the date without grimacing in pain too much, but the next stop is the club. When your new leather shoes aren’t broken in properly, you’re also going to suffer on the dance floor.


Your date is very likely going to notice that you aren’t as mobile as you should be along with everyone else! When the best you can do is stay in one spot while dancing because your shoes are hurting, you’re going to need to do a lot more to look good. Don’t embarrass yourself on the dance floor more than needed when you have break-em-in to eliminate the pain of breaking in new dress shoes.


Break-em-in helps you avoid all the above undesirable scenarios because it’s designed to make the process of breaking in hard leather shoes a lot less painful and way faster than it would take otherwise. This is just a brief list of what can go wrong when your shoes aren’t comfortable. Don’t deal with foot discomfort in dress shoes when break-em-in is available for a fraction of the cost and can make a world of difference!

Order with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – it’s the painless way to break in new leather dress shoes and it will fit most sizes, reduce blisters, chafing, and let you go on to tackle your daily routine without any foot-related worries!