How Uncomfortable Shoes Can Bring You Down

Picture it: You walk into the office or your next big occasion and you’re feeling more confident than ever. You’ve got the perfect outfit on, and your suit fits you like a glove. Your accessories have been carefully selected to match your ensemble, and everyone can see how comfortable and confident you look in your new get-up. You have the time of your life socializing with everyone, knowing you feel amazing about yourself.

Now, let’s change up this scenario. You know your event is coming up, and your outfit is great, except for your shoes. You just purchased a new pair of stiff leather dress shoes, but now you’re experiencing new shoe pain. Your shoes haven’t been broken in properly, and you’re dealing with blisters and discomfort all around. Do you go to the event anyway, even though you’ll be uncomfortable and not confident the whole time, do you simply skip it, or do you find a pair of shoes that doesn’t go with your outfit?

You might not consider how much your shoes can impact your mood, but thinking about situations like these can help you see the importance. It’s not only the style of your shoes that can make a difference in your mood and your confidence, but it’s also the way they fit. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you will be uncomfortable, and it will be painfully obvious to everyone you come across.

We often think that women are the only ones willing to wear uncomfortable shoes to look good. We’ve all seen women in high heels that look incredibly painful, but they grin and bear it to get the look they want. You might not think so, but men do the same thing! How many times have you dealt with a painful blister on your heel or toe because you knew you wanted those shoes for that exact outfit?

Luckily, you don’t have to experience this dress shoe discomfort anymore. With break-em-in, you can easily avoid discomfort from leather shoes and get your comfort and confidence back again. Break-em-in can be trimmed to fit just about any shoe, so you can break in every new pair you purchase. You’ll get extra padding for your ankle, heel, and center of your foot for an incredible experience all around.

Let’s think about our initial scenario one last time. You’re ready for your event, you’ve got your perfect outfit, but you’re worried about how your shoes might fit. You don’t want to get a blister, but you know your shoes need to be broken in. Luckily, you thought ahead and you’ve ordered your break-em-in. You find out how simple and quick it is to use, and before you know it, you’ve got a perfect-fitting pair of shoes!

You can now show up to any event or gathering in style, wearing the shoes that make you feel good. Everyone will be able to spot your confidence, and you can let them in on your secret! Allow yourself to be done with new shoe pain. Contact us today to order your product!