Men’s Dress Shoes: Socks or No Socks?

When it comes to men's fashion, there's often been debate around the sock. Particularly with stiff leather dress shoes, it's always been common and expected for men to wear socks. However, fashion trends are changing all the time, and you might prefer to wear your new shoes either with no socks or with no-show socks. Unfortunately, you might run into another problem here as well, as these methods don't offer you much protection from discomfort from leather shoes. If you're not sure where you stand on the issue of socks, here are some of the top arguments that might sway you.

The Argument for Socks

One of the biggest reasons that many people choose to wear socks with their shoes is to eliminate sweat. Especially if you are on your feet all day, every day, wearing socks can be a good way to keep your feet dry and smelling pleasant. While you might be able to combat the moisture with powders, they don't last all day and they will be messy to apply.

The second argument for socks is simply an aesthetic preference. Many people have long believed that dress shoes without socks simply looks bad, and in some contexts or circumstances, it certainly might be better to wear socks. However, as styles keep changing, it has become increasingly acceptable to wear your dress shoes without socks.

The Argument Against Socks

When it comes to wearing dress shoes without socks, some people simply prefer the way it feels. If you're wearing a thick sock under your dress shoe, you're likely to experience some discomfort. But if you're wearing a thin sock or no socks at all, you'll have a better fit and won't have to worry about your shoes being too tight.

Secondly, as we've mentioned, more and more people are adopting the mindset that dress shoes without socks is perfectly fine. It presents a more relaxed and casual look to your ensemble, even if you are working in a more professional setting. Wearing your dress shoes without socks is a way to strike the perfect balance between personable and professional.

But What About Comfort?

If you've been looking for products to make new shoes comfortable with or without socks, Break-em-in is the perfect solution. This product came about after our team found themselves spending hours experiencing heel irritation in new shoes. We had tried just about every pain management method under the sun, and we thought there simply had to be a better way. After 3 years of drafting products and testing prototypes, we finally came up with the perfect solution.

Break-em-in is easy to apply to just about any shoe size and provides extra cushion all-around your foot, so whether you choose to wear your dress shoes with socks or not, you'll still have some added support. You'll experience a cushioned extension panel to reduce friction at the side of the foot, top edge cushion for ankle support and protection, and an extra-cushioned center to protect the back of the heel. No longer do you have to worry about avoiding blisters from shoes or wearing socks with your shoes even if you don't want to. Break-em-in allows you to wear your shoes just the way you like without sacrificing your style!