The Importance of Men’s Accessories

Let's face it: sometimes men's fashion can be a little boring. When you're in a professional setting, you typically have the choice of khakis for something a little more laid-back or a full-on suit for a more rigid atmosphere. All of the men in the room are likely dressed similarly in their button-down shirts and dress pants. However, just because you are a busy professional doesn't mean you have to let your style get stale. Utilizing the most popular men's accessories is a great way to bring your own personality into your outfit while still maintaining a professional feel.

Why Use Accessories?

Many men are intimidated by picking out accessories. Maybe they want to avoid stiff leather dress shoes or they don't know what type of sunglasses suit their face. While learning about the different accessories may take a little bit of time, it's so worth it! The simple addition of a unique tie, stunning cufflinks, or a quality made belt can completely change the look of your outfit and provides a quick way to express yourself through your clothing. Accessories also work wonders for your confidence!

What Type of Accessories Should I Wear?

The best part about accessories is that you can pick and choose which ones work for you. One of the mainstay accessories in any man's wardrobe is a good belt. You want a piece that fits you well and is made of high-quality leather so it will stand the test of time. Many men choose to invest in both a black and brown belt, or you may find you prefer a reversible belt that will suit any outfit.

Another popular accessory is the watch. The watch is one of the easiest ways to bring your personality into your clothing, since you can select a simple analog variety or an advanced smartwatch. You can change out your watch band at your leisure, and you won't always have to get distracted by your phone when you're just looking for the time!

The Most Important Accessory

Above all others, a good pair of shoes is arguably the most important accessory you can have in your wardrobe. You might be hesitant to invest in a high-quality pair if you associate them with new shoe pain. Many men search far and wide for products to make new shoes comfortable, and the team at break-em-in is familiar with the struggle. That's why we spent years developing our product with the aim to create the best way to break in new shoes.

Break-em-in can be trimmed to fit just about any shoe size, and you can use it, again and again, to break in multiple pairs. You'll experience extra cushioning on the extension panel at the side of the foot, the center that protects the back of your heel, and the top edge to support your ankle. You can say goodbye to the painful days of Band-Aids and blisters!  Break-em-in immediately relieves discomfort from leather shoes, so you can finally buy that pair you've been eyeing. Go ahead and grab those all-important accessories, and let break-em-in help you start feeling put together and confident right away.