The Value of New Dress Shoes


 As men, clothes and shoes aren’t always the first things on our minds. It can be understandable that, between all of our other responsibilities, we don’t feel we have time to focus on updating our wardrobes. But how you dress can make a world of difference not only in how the world perceives you, but how you perceive yourself. One part of our wardrobe that’s often overlooked is our shoes. If you’ve been holding out on purchasing a new pair of dress shoes, here are a few reasons it might be time to invest.


Old Shoes Might Look Dingy


This is one of the main arguments we hear as to why men won’t buy new dress shoes. We often think, “Why should I buy a new pair of stiff leather dress shoes when I already have a pair at home?” But take the time to truly look at your shoes and compare how they look now to how they looked when you first bought them. Chances are that your shoes are stretched out, scratched, and just generally dingy. A new pair of dress shoes will completely transform your outfits and give them a more professional and put-together look.


They Matter More Than You Think


You might be hesitant to buy new dress shoes because you think it doesn’t matter what your shoes look like. But this is far from the truth! Whether you’re going about your everyday life or you have a special occasion like a job interview or a date, your shoes matter more than you might expect. A quality pair of dress shoes show that you value your appearance and that you’re confident in how you look, which can make a world of difference in virtually any situation.


New Shoes Don’t Have to Be Uncomfortable


Probably the biggest reason we hear for not buying new shoes is, “My old shoes are comfortable!” It’s understandable that you might not want to go through the initial discomfort from leather shoes that comes during the break-in period. You’ve already gone through the new shoe pain with your current pair, so why do it again? With break-em-in, you never have to use this excuse again. After more than three years of research and experimentation, we’ve created the ultimate product to make new shoes comfortable.


Break-em-in is the last product you’ll ever need to break in your shoes. It can be trimmed to almost any shoe size and can be used again and again, providing immediate relief from the uncomfortable break-in period. The product provides extra cushioning in easily irritable areas like your heel and below your ankle and will also reduce your chances of chafing.



We created break-em-in because we were tired of the constant discomfort. We wanted to look great but not have to deal with painful break-in methods, band-aids and blister patches just weren’t cutting it. Once you try break-em-in for yourself and discover that you have a solution to dress shoe discomfort, so take the leap and purchase a new pair of shoes bravely!