What Shoes Can I Use break-em-in With?

If you’ve ever experienced new shoe pain, you’re not alone. We all know that strange combination of excitement and dread when you get a new pair of shoes, but you know you have to break them in before they’re actually comfortable. Luckily, break-em-in is the ultimate product to make new shoes comfortable. The best part is that you can use break-em-in again and again in tons of different styles of shoes! Here are just four examples of the shoe types you can wear with break-em-in.






The derby is one of the most popular styles of dress shoes thanks to its timeless style and impeccable construction. You can identify a derby by the “open lacing” construction, meaning that the shoelace eyelets are sewn on top of the vamp. Though the derby was originally designed for hunting and sporting, it’s a great dress shoe option today.








Similar to the derby, the Oxford is another classic dress shoe with one key distinction from its counterpart. Whereas the derby’s eyelets are sewn on top of the vamp, the Oxford’s eyelets are attached under the vamp in a style called “closed lacing.” While the Oxford is a classic formal dress shoe, you can often find more uniform and casual varieties as well.


Dressy Trainers



Dressy trainers give you the best of both worlds: comfort and fashion. We don’t always want (or need!) to wear our best derbys or Oxfords to the office, but you might still want to dress up your ensemble a bit. Dressy trainers are the perfect solution, and you can totally customize your look just by changing your shoes. Break-Em-In works beautifully with dressy trainers, helping you in avoiding blisters from shoes and loving your trainers from the very first wear.






The monk-strap shoe is distinct from other dress shoes in that it doesn’t have lacing. Instead, a monk-strap is secured on the foot with one or more straps and buckles. This shoe is a perfect middle ground between the formal Oxford and the more casual Derby. The style has a long (and fascinating!) history and still remains a staple in men’s footwear.





Pain and heel irritation in new shoes is an issue that plagues us all. That’s why the team at break-em-in wanted to create one tool that could be used with any shoe style and would eliminate the need for that painful break-in period. After years of market research and implementation of multiple designs, we finally created the ultimate solution. You can trim break-em-in to fit most shoe sizes, so virtually anyone can benefit.


One of the best aspects of break-em-in is the cushioning. The extra-cushioned center increases comfort and protects the back of your heel. On the top edge, you’ll find more cushions for ankle support and protection. Finally, there’s cushioning in the extension paneling, which helps to minimize friction at the side of the foot and prevent chafing. All of these features come together to create the best product to soften new shoes. Order today to see for yourself!