Our Story

The Problem

For over fifteen years, I worked as a clothing consultant in NYC - helping brands like Calvin Klein, JCrew, and Tommy Hilfiger perfect their fit.

My job had me constantly on the move, and often in a brand new pair of leather shoes. The pain I felt when breaking them in was brutal (-) bruises, blisters, chafing, cuts, and burns! I tried everything from blister patches-to-band-aids, but nothing worked. Desperate for relief, I set out to design and create my own solution.

- Alexander Adamov
President & Founder
break-em-in TM

The Process

Over the next three years, we went on an intense journey from drafting table to finished product… Sleepless nights, countless sketches, factory visits, and constant testing led to the birth of break-em-in.

The Solution

The final result? A revolutionary product that helps you break-in brand new leather shoes pain-free. This, gentlemen, is a no-brainer!