V Vinay R.

Your new shoes don’t have to cause you problems thanks to this product…

Break-em-In saved my favorite Italian dress shoes! After purchasing a pair that looked great in-store, I realized that they dug into my ankles and heel whenever I slipped them on. The pain was brutal and the shoes sat in my closet forever. Break-em-In was easy to apply and provided instant relief! I’ll definitely pick up a package for every pair of shoes that I buy in the future!

A Alex G.

Absolutely worth buying…

I often put off buying new dress shoes I want, because walking around the city all day with blisters and chafing is extremely unpleasant. When I spend a decent amount of money on new shoes I shouldn't have to choose between fashion and style or comfort. I tried break-em-in after seeing the ad on Instagram and could not be happier with the results. My brand new shoes feel as comfortable as my sneakers after just a few days of wear, I didn’t care how long it took me to break them in because all the discomfort was gone. I rarely take the time to write reviews, but this product is a life saver!

Z Zlata R.

My husband’s favorite shoe accessory…

My husband bought this pair of new leather dress shoes and complained about them hurting his feet to the point where he wanted to return them, but when I did a spontaneous search online I found this amazing product, which, was a miracle product for him. No more hearing him complain about his feet being hurt while breaking-in his shoes.

A Adrien R.

Truly a lifesaver…

I can’t believe I can comfortably break-in my new derby shoes without having to worry about the painful chafing and blisters that normally come with it. Awesome product, I highly recommend!

Y Yan R.

Happy wife, happy life thanks to break-em-in…

I can’t believe I did not here about this product before! Probably because it just recently came out. Thanks to this product and my wife who got me break-em-in, she does not have to hear me complain about my new shoes killing my feet with chafing and blistering anymore. Finally, I can break them in in comfort!

S Steven G.

break-em-in has been a true lifesaver in alleviating the pain I was suffering from new dress shoes. Between blisters and chafing, I was hesitant to wear new dress shoes. The pain is all gone thanks to break-em-in.